Lucy Sanertanut


    Born in the early 1950’s, and originally from Repulse Bay, Lucy already enjoyed a successful career as an ivory carver before she moved to Rankin Inlet and joined the Matchbox ceramic program. Her pieces have always shown a combination of delicacy of technique with strong images, often of bears and fish. Lucy is an excellent teacher of the hand-building technique and has often worked as an instructor at the gallery.

    In November, 1999, one of her smaller vases was presented to the Minister of Sustainable Development at the Nunavut Tourism AGM.

   In July of 2000, Lucy was one of the invited artists to participate in the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik where she presented her ceramics and demonstrated both her clay technique and stone carving skills. One of Lucy’s large pots was given first prize at the Kivalliq Arts & Crafts festival held in 2004.