The Creation of the Kangirqliniq Center for Arts and Learning

  The Kangirqliniq Center for Arts and learning, incorporated in Dec '02, is an outgrowth of the arts and literacy programming presented by the Matchbox Gallery since 1995. The KCAL was created in order to embrace our programming mandate more directly than it could be done through the Matchbox Gallery, incorporated as a business without an operating board of directors. In creating the KCAL, we formalized our function as an educational institution. A board was formed consisting of artists who have participated in our programming to provide a more comprehensive sense of direction for our educational programming.

The Traditional Arts Workshop

  In an economy in which Inuit residents face a scarcity of local jobs, increasing levels of unemployment, and a rise in the influx of qualified southerners to compete for what jobs are available, working in the arts has become a primary source of livelihood and economic support for many Inuit residents. The Traditional Arts Workshop was created to support artists, and enhance their abilities to earn a livelihood. The main objective of the TAW is to enhance the skill levels of our region's artists, so that they can improve their work, make it more sellable, and to provide them with training in other techniques and art skills. We also seek to upgrade their skills in literacy and numeracy, and to maintain their skills in Inukitut. We have noted, over the years, that there is a marked improvement in overall confidence once these basic life-skills are addressed.

Why a Regional Arts Workshop?

  Beyond what they contribute to the economices of local communities, the arts and the artists of this region are an important part of its cultural heritage and legacy. As artists and teachers with nearly three decades of experience in the Kivalliq, we are aware of the need for an independent arts learning situation with a long term commitment to the arts and artists of this region, and a proven record of success in arts training. There is also a need for regional programming to engage some of our elder artists in communicating their skills to the generations of future artists. In the past, we have had artists like the late Simon Tookoome and the late Janet Kigusiuk participate with younger artists involved in our programming. There is a tremendous benefit for all involved.

Personal Empowerment

  The TAW program has assisted individuals in achieving a variety of professional artistic goals in addition to upgrading their numeracy and literacy skills. We have found that, by and large, this basic skills upgrading improves their overall prospects, whether or not they continue being professional artists.

  In addition to independent artists who are earning professional livelihoods throughout the region, our programming has supported a group of artists/ceramists who, over the last more than two decades, are now recognized for their outstanding, world-class accomplishments in the area of hand-built ceramics.

  As as an offshoot of past KCAL Traditional Arts Workshop programming, a small group of printmakers, trained during our courses, are also establishing themselves for the excellence of their work in Rankin Inlet, using the Matchbox Gallery facility as their base. With the encouragement of the gallery, these printmakersare developing their entrepreneurial and artistic skills while introducing a medium that is new to the community. Other Rankin artists have also become interested in stencil printmaking as a result of the successes of this group.


  Women of The Traditional Arts Workshop                    
    Philip Napayok                        
      Amauyah Noah            
  Tanya Tungilik                    
    Helen Iguptak
Jermaine Napayok
Some of the participants in our past programs-

Jackie Ittigaitok
Steven Sateana
Irene Duncan
Paul Sanertanut
Matthew Noah
Harriet Tatty
Paul Taleriktok
Billy Samgushak
Jessie Kenalogak
Louisa Pudnak
Issac Tartuk
Tommy Kabivitok
Mathew Shimout Chesley Nibgoarsi

Jose Angoo
Abraham Tagornak
Rhoda Karetak
Maryanne Tattuinee
Noah Tiktak
Roger Aksadjuak
Pierre Aupilardjuk
Jack Nuviyak
John Kurok
Philip Ugjuk
Lucy Sanertanut
Leo Napayok
Philip Napayok
Dennis Okatsiak

Donald Uladluak
Raymond Aliktaluk
Jonathon Patungayuk
Simon Napayok
Linda Nuilaalik
Noah Noah
Henry Nakoolak
Gordon Nakoolak
William Manernaluk
Dennis Manernaluk
Kelly Kenalogak
Lucy Wiebe
George Ipkornerk Andrea Duffy

The KCAL wishes to thank the following Government Agencies for their past and present support-

For the Government of Canada-
Heritage Canada
Indian and Northern Affairs
The Canada Council for the Arts

For the Government of Nunavut-
The Department of Economic Development and Transportation
The Department of Culture Language Elders and Youth
The Department of Education