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About Our Works for Sale

The Matchbox Gallery was created in March 1987 as a cross-cultural community-based gallery. Our mandate at the time was to create a facility that would display the works of the artists of Rankin Inlet and the Kivalliq. Also, we wanted to provide a center for these artists to work together, and participate in skills development workshops. Under this mandate, at various times, we have hosted most of the major artists of our region, as well as southern arts and artists working in all media, from locations throughout the world.

These interactions have benefited all involved, and enhanced their creative thinking and stylistic approaches to our work.

The following are the categories and collections of work we presently have available for sale. We will be expanding and upgrading these listings from time to time. If any of these works interest you, we can provide you with pricing and more info. Please contact us at HYPERLINK "", or you can call us at 867 645 2674.

After each title, you will find the abbreviations of the name of the artists. Here is the key to the listings of artists (many of these artists are also listed in the bios section of our website.

Ceramics Stone and Antler Carvings
J.K.- John Kurok L.N.- Leo Napayok
R.A.- Roger Aksadjuak J.N.- Jermaine Napayok
Y.S.- Yvo Samgushak S.H.- Simeonie Hakuluk
J.N.- Jack Nuviyak P.A.- Pierre Aupilardjuk
L.N.- Leo Napoyak
P.A.- Pierre Aupilardjuk
J.I.- Jackie Ittigaitok

Ceramic Works for Sale, Group One

Ceramic Works for Sale, Group Two

Soapstone and Antler Carvings for Sale, Group One

Soapstone and Antler Carvings for Sale, Group Two